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CP Retipping

Over the years we have retipped hundreds of thousands of CP4 , CP5, CP6, and CP7 nozzles. Our service includes checking for shank wear, cross pin tightness on CP6 and CP7 nozzles, cleaning the body and replacing the tip. The tip length and the concentricity will be to our new part standards. Our preferred handling method is for you to ship us your parts and we will retip all that we can, then send you a quotation for the finished parts, then you can issue a purchase order for the exact number of completed parts. If this method is not suitable to you, we can work with you on another plan.

We have some retipped nozzles that were abandoned by other customers or distributors, and these are available for outright sale. Please inquire as to availability.


On CP6 and CP7 tips that are smaller than 1.8mm that are broken off flush with the disk can not be easily repaired. If your technicians routinely disable bad nozzles please flatten the end of the tip with pliers instead of breaking the tip off. My people here routinely save the smaller sizes even if the tip is just barely holding on, send those and we will save most of them.

With CP4 and CP5 nozzles we can push the old tip out from the back, so send us all your nozzles and we will retip all the good bodies.

We have tried to retip other after market nozzles and have had only limited success as they are usually made to different tolerances. Our nozzles have been sold by WP Sales (all their CP6 and some of their Cp4), Nozzle Supply Company, and some from Garland Service Company.

Nozzles branded by Fuji (all three of their sources) are good retippable nozzles. If in doubt go ahead and send them and we will separate them.

For a price quotation or more information regarding any of our nozzles or services, including retipping, please call or email us using the information in our "Contact us" page.

Our shipping address is:

Calkins Machine Corporation
4523 FM 541 West
Floresville, TX 78114

Please include any special instructions, as well as contact information for your technician and purchasing department.