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IP-2 Retipping

Our preferred method for handling retipping is for you to send us your nozzles and a list of the preferred nozzles that you would like to receive back (4mm bodies can be retipped any size from 4mm to 30mm). We will clean and inspect your nozzles and send you a quotation for the retippable nozzles. Please send all the loose cups and we will use all that are in salvageable condition. This way you get back your nozzles instead of some one else's. If this method is not workable to your purchasing department let us know and we will work with you.

Some abandoned nozzles are available for out right sale please inquire for price and delivery.

We fit cups in the Fuji tradition. We turn the tube on the end to fit the individual cup while it is held in a special accuracy Hardinge collet. This ensures the best concentricity of the shank to cup possible. This also means that cups are not 100% interchangeable. New cups should not be installed on retipped nozzles (used cups are faced on the end to produce a flat face and are therefore shorter). It is the best practice to keep the nozzle and the cup together as supplied.

Replacement cups are provided as needed, the smaller sizes start at $15 fitted (o-ring cups are charged at a $1.00 premium over the cost of plain cups).

Notes on retipping.

1. Older Fuji nozzle bodies were heat treated, ground, and chrome plated. The plating on many of these nozzles is flaking after all these years. If the flaking of these nozzles covers less than 10% of the surface we will polish the edges of the flaked area and proceed with the retipping.

Later Fuji nozzles are made from heat treated stainless and will all be good unless they have been in a severe collision or excessively worn.

2. Most of the nozzle bodies (two identification rings) that have been made by us have been made from heat treated stainless bar stock, this stainless is moderately hard and wear resisting. These nozzle bodies are wear resisting enough that they can be retipped several times before they are worn out. These nozzles have been sold by WP Sales and Nozzle Supply Company.

3. We have built premium nozzles (one identification ring) that are individually heat treated and hard turned afterward. These nozzles can be considered to be the equivalent of Fuji nozzles and can be retipped many times. These are still available new in all sizes except the .7 and 1.0mm. These nozzles have been sold to Motorola and in limited quantity through WP Sales.

4. Nozzles from other after market suppliers vary widely. Some are made from annealed (soft and usually non magnetic) stainless these are usually of questionable tolerance besides wearing at a higher rate. Others are nickel plated and generally seem to be good. Send them all and we sort through them.

For a price quotation or more information regarding any of our nozzles or services, including retipping, please call or email us using the information in our "Contact us" page.

Our shipping address is:

Calkins Machine Corporation
4523 FM 541 West
Floresville, TX 78114

Please include any special instructions, as well as contact information for your technician and purchasing department.